Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Superbowl Party!!

The hostesses of the best superbowl party ever! Who needs the Mulcock Party!! Just Kidding!

Miranda made the best superbowl cupcakes!

Milo and Liam, Best Friends!


  1. Erin you look so cute! I'm jealous of those cupcakes. Does Liam have leg warmers on?

  2. WOW - Slammed all the way from D.C. Ouch!

    I know I owe you a phone call. =)

  3. How fun Liam has a little friend! Melanie Anderson is in my book club and was telling me Dave and Miranda lived in the same complex as you. That is way fun. I'm ticked, by the way, because I haven't gotten my carseat yet!

  4. Hey Erin!! How are you? I haven't seen you guys for so long! Your little guy is so cute. hope all is well in D.C.